• Mouse Wax

    Author: Alakazam
    December 9th 2003

    MouseWax Review

    I was ordering some parts for a new build when I came across this intriguing product, now you've got to be asking yourself who the heck would buy this and what is it? I don't know what possessed me to try this product but I added it to my shopping cart and here it is. This is what came in the clear plastic packaging which turned out to be a sealable lunch bag: you get the bottle of 'stuff', a small artificial sponge and a cotton swab. All the pics are clickable for a larger view.

    What is it?

    So what exactly is in this 1 ounce bottle of MouseWAX? I don't have a clue, but it's a milky white liquid so I gathered a few nuggets of info from the MouseWAX website:

    "MouseWAX is lightning in a bottle, plain and simple! It makes your mouse fly effortlessly across almost any surface you can test it on! It does this by reducing friction between the mousing surface and mice feet."

    • MouseWAX is technically NOT a true WAX ( petroleum & animal based product ) as people might think
    • MouseWAX is unique, in that it is inorganic in nature and contains -NO- PETROCHEMICALS!
    • MouseWAX is a clear liquid film that goes on wet and is used DRY
    • Because MouseWAX is used DRY, it won t collect dust, lint and greases from your hands
    • Because it Is nontoxic..... It will NOT harm you, your pads, the Environment, your clothes and your pets!
    • MouseWAX has no harsh fumes or offensive odor ... it is a space age - WATER BASED FORMULA
    • MouseWAX may be used on all types of plastic mouse pads, including all types of GAMING PADS
    • It is not recommended for cloth type optical pads. (not good for gaming anyway)
    • MouseWAX will work with ALL types of MICE, Optical, Ball mice, it will NOT AFFECT OPTICAL TRACKING
    • MouseWAX won t peel, flake, discolor or fade, it lasts and lasts and lasts
    • Safe to use on mouse feet AND the mouse pad. In fact, we RECOMMEND treating the feet for MAXIMUM effect
    • The liquid Dries clear in minutes after treatment, and may be used immediately
    • One treatment lasts for about a week on most pads, and a few days on the mouse feet (depending on use)


    The first thing that needs to be done is to clean up your mouse feet to give this stuff a fighting chance. I put some Windex on a cotton swab and cleaned them off and followed that up with some good old fashioned rubbing alcohol on another swab to make sure there was a clean surface. If your mouse feet are really cruddy around the bottom, I would advise taking a pin or a small pointed object of some kind and clean out the grooves surrounding the feet. After shaking the bottle up, apply 1 drop of the liquid to each one your mouse feet, mine are small and oval in shape. If you have the larger square type you'll probably need at least 2 drops for each foot. You also need to put a drop or two on the swab you're going to be using for spreading this stuff in order to pre-moisten the swab.

    Spread it around and let it dry for a few moments, it will become clear and not tacky when it dries, patience is a virtue in this step. Depending on your particular situation and the effects of temperature, humidity, etc, it should take anywhere from a 3-10 minutes for it to dry. The instructions on the web site advise several light coats instead of a single thick application, and if possible to let it 'cure' overnight. What I did was apply a thin layer, let it dry, then applied another layer and left it alone until morning. Here's the mouse ready for action!

    I decided I might as well do my mouse pad also, this is where the small blue piece of artificial sponge comes in. I took the time to clean my hard surface optical mouse pad with a little soap and water, rinsed well and made sure that it was dried off with a paper towel and some compressed air. Even if you don't wax your pad, a good cleaning will prolong the life of it in the long run. Although MouseWax is not recommended for cloth pads because of their porous nature, it can be used according to their web site but without much of a performance gain. The ideal surface for this product is plastic or hard surfaces such as the Ratpadz, Everglide, fUnc, and the HS line from X-Trac.

    Place a dime size puddle of MouseWAX in the center of your pad and work the puddle around on the pad with the sponge in small circles working outward till it's completely covered. Finish up with several swipes in one direction to complete the application. I let mine dry overnight along with the mouse.

    Testing & Final Thoughts

    Since there aren't any "testing procedures" for this product I can run, I will say this: This product actually works and works well, I use a Logitech Cordless MX700 mouse which is very heavy and it was sliding around on my pad with hardly any effort at all, everything was very smooth. I fired up a few games and it was a pleasure to do some fragging in UT, it did make a difference. The product flat out works as designated which is something of a rarity these days.

    Is this stuff for the every day user? Not really. At a retail price of $8-10 it may seem unnecessary, but if you do a lot of gaming or general mousing on a daily basis, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it. I've put a fresh coat on my mouse feet every 3 days now for 2 weeks and do my pad once a week and I'm very satisfied with the results. The only drawback is that it is not a more permanent solution like some of the stick on Teflon products that are sold for the same purpose.

    It does what it's advertised, so a 10/10 for this offbeat product.

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