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    Afterdawn has this story.

    Report from PSX-Scene suggest that the unknown hackers even offered to sell the details back to Sony themselves with little luck before offering them up on underground credit card trading forums.
    The really disturbing part of this is the news that these details actually include the CCV security code that until now was believed to be safe. With that code married to the card owner’s name as well as the rest of the card details then the card could be used without a hiccup – news that will no doubt send a shudder down many spines at Sony HQ as well as the70 million plus PSN members who’s data could have been compromised.
    This story is still developing but we will, of course, bring you more as we get it.
    Remember folks, if you’re credit card was registered with PSN please do keep an eye on it using telephone banking or whichever method you usually use. Vigilance is key.

    PS Just reread the post from afterdawn this may be not be true but if you are a member of the playstation network be cautious.
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