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    "Meanwhile all the big motherboard manufacturers have either released or at least launched their latest X79 motherboards. Within ...

    CFI "e-cube" S768 Barebones

    Reviewer : TechSupport
    Manufacturer : Chyangfun Group (CFI)
    Price : '209.00 inc VAT


    In the last couple of years, PC hardware manufacturers have wised up to the end user's need for style, as well as functionality in their systems, and produced a bewildering array of colour co-ordinated, stylish (and not so stylish) cases, monitors and peripherals. Computer systems are now produced to satisfy many roles, from office workstation, to games machine, to media centre. As the end user's expectations rise,

    Author: FromBadTraverse
    May 23rd 2002

    Changing Fan Speeds

    Computer Cooling

    We all know that we need fans, as our computers would self-destruct without them. CPU manufacturers are shrinking die sizes and cutting core power. This makes a cooler running CPU. But, they are also increasing speed, which increases temperature. As the main power dissipated is caused by dynamic switching current. CPU's are approaching W/cm temperatures that are rivaling space vehicle re-entry (paraphrased from an article

    Author: Floppybootstomp
    July 11th 2002

    Fan Switching experimenting made Easy

    The first in an upcoming series of "Mini Mods" by floppybootstomp

    Have you ever wished you had a means of controlling which fans in your

    Author: James
    June 29th 2002

    A must Mod, if you own or are thinking of getting a bolt through heat sink, like the Alpha 8045.

    My first mistake was to use the nylon nuts, supplied by Alpha,for fastening the standoff's through the MB. My second mistake was not doing the mod the first time I had my tower disconnected

    Author: Synjynn
    February 28th 2003

    Synjynns' Koolance Build and Benchmarks

    First, I'd like to thank BitBender and the great folks at BitBendertech.com for their guidance and support. And also to Newegg.com and Coolerguys.com for their quick handling and service. What I'm putting together is:

    ASUS A7N8X-Deluxe, Corsair 256MB 32MX8 PC-3200C2, AMD 2600+ /333 ATHLON XP TBRED, ARCTIC SILVER 3, and a Copper Shim
    Note: Using a Sapphire 9700Pro from my last system

    Now, let's start off with the day of arrival. The following pic is of all the hardware and the packaging

    Though the cardboard was dinged a little, no damage due to the inside packaging.

    NewEgg did a great job making sure nothing got damaged during shipment.

    OK, now lets get down to business. First let's start with the motherboard ASUS A7N8X-Deluxe. This thing came with EVERYTHING,

    TweakMonster EL Window Appliques

    Reviewer: ImaginAsian
    Manufacturer: TweakMonster
    Source: Jab-Tech
    Price: $21.99
    April 12th 2003

    TweakMonster's EL (Electro-Luminescent) Window Applique is next on our reviews of the "What will they think of Next" mods. These guys have brought you popular products like RAM sinks and EL light strips. The natural evolution of the EL revolution is window ...
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