Ok, how about something easy and realtively "quick" for the next step? Installtion of the Video card is just the thing to fit that bill !!

For this build, we are installing an AGP 4X Radeon 32M Video card. Your build may use a PCI or an AGP card, and most motherboards will accomodate either. On most Abit boards PCI slot 1 is used for PCI type video cards, as it shares an IRQ with the AGP slot. But, you will need to consult your motherboard guide for the specifics relating to your equipment.

The picture at left shows an excerpt from the KG7 board. The AGP slot is the Brown one, and PCI slot #1 is just under it. The AGP slot has different grooves than the PCI slot, and affords greater video performance.

To prepare for the installation, remove the card bay shield (if there's one installed) on the back of the case behind the AGP slot, as illustrated to the left. If you are installing a PCI video card, move the the one you remove from the PCI #1 bay to cover the AGP bay, if it is open. It's key to keep places where dust can enter the case to a minimum

Now, extract the video card from it's electrostatic bag. Make sure you are non-conductive by touching the case first with one hand, and then align the card by eye before inserting it into the AGP, or PCI slot.



There is a small detent on the end of the AGP or PCI mountin plate that secures in the case, between the motherboard and the card. Be sure that is seated in the case, and then seat the card gently, by again using your thumbs on both ends of the card

Inspect the card where it mates with the AGP slot. Once you are sure it is fully seated, be sure to secure it to the case with a large Hex head screw, and tighten it properly ( tight, but not to extreme).



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