A week or two ago my Logitech G7 Mouse went belly up on me. The scroll wheel didn't click down anymore; the scroll wheel side click movements were sluggish and it would perform random fucnctions on the screen.

In the end it became unstable and unusable with random screen happenings like some windows opening by themselves and 'flashing' or 'oscillating' windows (Win XP). I've had the mouse since December 2005 so it was out of warranty.

So I ditched it for a while and decided today to have a look inside.

I couldn't figure out how to take the thing apart so in the end I had to remove the label that showed model number and stuff and the three glide pads fitted.

This revealed four screws. Removing these enabled me to take the top off.

Removing one internal screw allowed me to remove the scroll wheel, spring and mounting bracket. Sorry, I didn't think at the time to take pix, wish I had now.

Inspecting the scroll wheel assembly I noticed two small hairs wrapped round the centre, which I removed and I also cleaned all scroll wheel surfaces with meths and cotton buds.

On reassembly, it worked perfectly again. Yay! Cos this really is the best mouse I've ever used. especially for gaming, and so it should be at an average price of about 54.00. Odd to think two little hairs could cause all that upset.

Only prob was, now I had no glide pads. They came off in two layers, the top shiny part peeled off of a spongy under layer. The under layer was a little tricky to remove and did not come off complete.

I cleaned all adhesive residue off with meths and some cloth. I considered super gluing the top layers of glide pads on again, but I thought the quality might be compromised without the spongy under layer.

Then I remembered I had some Teflon mouse pads that came with my BFG 8800GTS and fitted several of those.

And they worked like a charm, if anything the mouse moves better now.

In the photo below you can see where the screws are located. There are two to the right, one at the left and one middle lower.

So, if ever the same thing happens to you, you now know how to take apart your G7.