StarTech has always had a rather large line of external USB and eSATA HDD docks, but up until now most have been limited to SATA connectivity. Now they have released a dock that's able to connect to IDE hard drives as well! It pulls off this trick by including a short IDE ribbon cable that can connect to the back of the unit.

UNIDOCK3U.App shot.jpg

The verbiage straight from StarTech: StarTech.comís new USB 3.0 to SATA/IDE HDD Docking Station (UNIDOCK3U) offers two top-slot drive bays, enabling IDE and SATA hard drives to be inserted vertically into the dock. This minimal footprint design helps reduce desktop/workspace clutter, while offering a simple solution for transferring data from an older IDE hard drive to a newer SATA drive.

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From PC Perspective

Looks a little bit on the Mickey Mouse side with the ribbon cable instead of a simple slot to directly snap it into, but as long as it works I guess