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Thread: Intel® PCIe SSD 910 Series1399 days old

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    Intel® PCIe SSD 910 Series


    A slightly different approach to installing an SSD via the PCIe interface:

    SANTA CLARA, Calif., April 12, 2012 – Intel Corporation introduced today the Intel® Solid-State Drive 910 Series (Intel® SSD 910 Series), a super high-performing SSD to address rigorous data center storage demands driven by cloud computing, virtualization and online transactions.

    The Intel SSD 910 Series delivers accelerated storage performance, endurance and reliability critical to today's data center performance applications. It includes Intel High Endurance Technology and optimized multi-level cell (MLC) 25-nanometer NAND flash memory, that allows up to 10 full drive writes a day for 5 years, or a 30x endurance improvement* over its standard MLC-based flash products, for a cost-effective storage solution.

    The Intel SSD 910 is PCIe-based and offers an easy-to-install, seamless post-deployment server storage upgrade that requires no changes to existing server design. It can be used in storage tiering and caching of hot files for high-performance processing and access to mission-critical data. One Intel 910 SSD can replace multiple 15K rpm hard disk drives (HDDs) to not only save on space and power consumption, but also improve sequential performance and storage scalability and reduce latencies. It is built using an Intel controller and Intel SSD management firmware. The firmware is optimized for less wear and includes NAND error reduction and system error management.
    Pricing for the Intel SSD 910 Series is $1,929 for the 400GB model and $3,859 for the 800GB model. So a tad more than the mechanical drive equivalents, but if money is no object, this should be a great way to go

    Read the full press release from Intel.

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    It's not about money being no object, but damn it would help! :ekk:
    These things have the potential for OMGWTF! speeds far in excess of anything a mechanical drive can dream of and for some installations it's all about latency and transfer speeds. I'd sure love to stick one in a red-hot bleeding edge system ... but my lottery tickets just never pay off. Might help if I ever bought one I suppose.
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