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    Facebook selling profile data

    I've heard a couple of stories from friends about people they knew back in SE Asia who had gone into these small computer shops where people just sit

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    Antivirus issues

    If you're backing up Firefox data, it's actually the Appdata\Roaming\Mozilla that has the most important info these days. You need to back up both mozilla

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    Antivirus issues

    Hey I have to work until 10 tonight so won't get to do anything at all today with the computer. I shall return later tonight to see what's happening.

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    Antivirus issues

    Hi Zema, I think I'm ok on the Chrome as I said it reinstalled with everything I had before it messed up. Again I can't even get Firefox to uninstall.

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    Antivirus issues

    Incidentally if you want to be sure you don't loose your Firefox and Chrome profiles you can easily back them up, the path should be something like Users/Jan/AppData/Local/Mozilla/

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